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  • GSK white paper

    Making consultations count

    27 SEP 2019

    How community pharmacy can add value and promote antimicrobial stewardship, whilst tackling colds & flu.

  • Pharmacist explains medicine to old man

    How pharmacists can lead the self-care revolution

    20 FEB 2019

    As healthcare literacy increases, patients are taking more control over their treatment — it is important for these patients to know how community pharmacies can help them take action, ensuring access to the right care at the right time.

  • Blue eye RB visual

    Eyes front for self-care

    7 JAN 2019

    Changes to NHS guidelines could mean that more patients head to their local pharmacy for advice on how to manage their eye condition with the most appropriate product for their needs. 

  • Eye with forest in background

    Managing eye conditions with preservative-free products

    The addition of preservatives allows for multi-dose packaging, and while these preservatives are very effective against pathogens, they were not specifically designed to be friendly to the eye.

  • lloydspharmacy lead image 18

    The role of local pharmacy in the future of homecare

    27 APR 2018

    Ruth Poole, Healthcare Director at Celesio, looks at the challenges facing the clinical homecare industry which are prompting innovation and new models of care.

  • pharmacist receiving prescription J2 17

    Implementing online fax technology in the pharmacy

    11 SEP 2017

    Pharmacies deal with a large volume of patient prescriptions via fax on a daily basis. In order to provide good service and compete with other pharmacies effectively, staff members must be able to process prescriptions quickly and accurately, as well as resolve queries in a timely manner. Unfortunately, this can be a significant issue due to outdated and bulky fax technology that is prone to malfunction, security risks, and unnecessary expenses.

  • scholl soles feet 17

    Footcare and pharmacy

    24 AUG 2017

    We walk around 100,000 miles in our lifetime, so it’s unsurprising that this can take its toll on our feet and that a large propotion of people experience some form of foot problem. The footcare category represents a significant part of a pharmacy’s retail offering and should be a major focus.

  • girl rubbing eyes looking at phone 17

    Identifying screen-dry eye in your customers with the Optrex Blink Test

    See if your patients have signs of dry eye with the Optrex Blink Test — a valuable tool that pharmacists and pharmacy teams can use to screen customers right there in the community pharmacy.

  • Broken iPhone representing evaporative dry eye

    Eyes feeling dry or irritated?

    As a result of screen use, more and more young people are developing dry eye. Find out how your pharmacy can get involved in tackling a syndrome that could be affecting millions.

  • Man looking stressed


    23 JUN 2017

    Many of us are aware of the importance of looking after ourselves physically, but how many of us allocate time to looking after our mental health?

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