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Issue : Electronicjuice, March 2011

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  • The Three Numbers of Pharmacy

    31 MAR 2011 By Ayla Atalar

  • Case closed

    Legacy cases dealt with appropriately by GPhC

    31 MAR 2011 14:53

    Cases dealt with by the General Pharmaceutical Council under its legacy criteria (PJ, 18/25 December 2010, p706) were closed appropriately, the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence has said.

  • Summary care record mailings resume

    31 MAR 2011 13:13


  • Moaning: the art of the pharmacist

    31 MAR 2011

    Moaning…It isn’t controversial to say that this is something Pharmacists everywhere are well experienced in. Whether it be about wasted medicines, low pay or lack of recognition from the NHS and ‘those doctors’, the world of English pharmacy is characterised by a smorgasbord of complaints.

  • Counterfeit medicines

    Investigation highlights dangers of buying medicines online

    31 MAR 2011 12:05

    Concerns about buying medicines online from non-genuine sources have been highlighted in an investigation by Pfizer and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (PDF 3M).

  • Making it stick: a short look at adherence

    31 MAR 2011

    When I sat down, full of anticipation, to write piece on something pharmacy related I found myself full of things to write about…new BNF labels?  Dispensing errors?  The answer came to me whilst reading the news.  A story caught my eye and brought an issue to

  • How much do you really want my advice?

    30 MAR 2011

    It was a hot summer's day, half way through my Summer Placement. The heat making me curse the suit and tie that I was wearing, pharmaceutical knowledge the last thing on my mind.A middle aged man came along, pointed at me and said 'Can I speak to a member of staff please?'.

  • Is a degree enough?

    30 MAR 2011

    1.1%, that is the number of pharmacy graduates from the University of Nottingham, my school of pharmacy, who are unemployed after finishing their degree in 2008/09. This may not seem like a lot but considering that for the two previous years this number was 0% then, for me at least, it begs the question: why?

  • Do we receive enough hospital experience for the real world?

    30 MAR 2011

    I sat down the other day to prepare for my dispensing class where we had to analyse the legal and clinical checks for a hospital prescription.

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