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Issue : Electronicjuice, July 2008

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  • Product news (2 August 2008)

    31 JUL 2008 16:02

    SPC changesKepivanceIn vitro and new in vivo data suggest that Kepivance (palifermin; Amgen) binds to unfractionated as well as low molecular weight heparins, which should be used with care in patients who are concomitantly administered palifermin, the product’s summary of product characteristics now states.

  • Drug tariff updates: NCSO endorsements

    31 JUL 2008 15:48

    The Department of Health and the National Assembly for Wales have agreed to allow “no cheaper stock obtainable” (NCSO) endorsements forBisacodyl suppositories 10mgfor July 2008 prescriptions.

  • Caution in use alert: Accusol 35 products

    31 JUL 2008 15:45

    Some batches of Accusol 35 (bicarbonate buffer; Baxter) dialysis solution and Accusol 35 potassium dialysis solution 2mmol/L and 4mmol/L have formed visible calcium carbonate precipitate during haemofiltration in continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT). The precipitate has normally been seen in either the pre-dilution or post-dilution lines after several hours of therapy.

  • PJ Online — give it a whirl! Subscription

    31 JUL 2008 15:12

    Now that the new version of PJ Online has been live for a month, we would like to thank all those people who have logged on to the site.Nearly 3,500 people have registered — past our target figure of 3,000 for the period. In addition, we are pleased that pharmacists are beginning to use the comment facility, responding to news items and other material.

  • Managing desperation Subscription

    31 JUL 2008 15:09

    Emotions run high over access to new medicines in England and Wales when patients are denied them either by their primary care organisation or by the decision-making processes of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

  • Medicines and money

    Should top-up payments for medicines not funded on the NHS be permitted? Subscription

    31 JUL 2008 15:04

    This Government is clear that the NHS should be free at the point of delivery. If a patient wants something that the NHS does not offer then that patient must move fully into the private sector. True or false?

  • Treatment of drug-resistant TB

    31 JUL 2008 14:30

  • US healthcare ranks lowest

    31 JUL 2008 14:27

    US healthcare has ranked the lowest of 19 industrialised countries for deaths that might have been prevented with timely and effective care, despite more than twice as much being spent on health per person than in any of the other countries.A Commonwealth Fund report on the US health system reviewed performance for healthy lives, quality, access, efficiency and equity.

  • HIV-entry inhibitor gel ineffective

    31 JUL 2008 14:25

    An anti-HIV microbicide gel has failed to prevent male to female vaginal transmission of HIV in a randomised controlled trial.

  • NIH funds global research

    31 JUL 2008 14:22

    The Fogarty International Centre, the global arm of the US National Institutes of Health, has launched a $1.5m-a-year global health programme.

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