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Issue : Electronicjuice, 8 February 2014, Vol 292, No 7796

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  • When paracetamol might not be appropriate Subscription

    8 FEB 2014 By Richard Schmidt

    The news media are again reporting on measles outbreaks, not only in the UK, but also in the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, and Bulgaria. Our NHS is, understandably, urging parents and carers to ensure that their children are immunised. However, we pharmacists (and indeed GPs, nurses, midwives, etc), not to mention the manufacturers, should be asking ourselves whether we are not inadvertently contributing to these outbreaks by encouraging the use ...

  • Guessing the instructions would have been reckless Subscription

    8 FEB 2014 By David Jones

    I thought the worst aspect of the Welsh language prescription saga (PJ 2014;292:36) was that the pharmacist involved was castigated for being careful. The doctor’s action was at best cavalier and should the medicine have been required for emergency treatment, I would have considered the action reckless.

  • Why would you guess the instructions? Subscription

    8 FEB 2014 By Henry Linderman

  • Rheumatoid arthritis: a patient’s journey Subscription

    8 FEB 2014 By Tina Hawkins

    This case study aims to help you understand the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, the different medicines that may be prescribed and the support you can give patients

  • Consultation: Lung cancer guidance

    7 FEB 2014 13:04

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is consulting on two pieces of newly updated draft guidance for erlotinib (TA162) and gefitinib (TA175) for treating non-small-cell lung cancer. Further information is available on the NICE website. Closing date for comments is 24 February 2014.

  • Local government podcast

    7 FEB 2014 12:59


  • Jocelyn Parkes is the new RPs director for Wales

    Jocelyn Parkes appointed new RPS director for Wales

    6 FEB 2014 13:44


  • Image of NICE’s BNF app (NICE)

    NICE consults on how to enhance the BNF

    6 FEB 2014 12:27

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is conducting a public consultation with proposals to enhance the information and support offered by BNF Publications, which include the BNF, BNF for Children and the Nurse Prescribers’ Formulary.

  • Dave Branford

    English Pharmacy Board agrees next steps for “Now or never” proposals

    6 FEB 2014 12:20
    Comments (1)

    The Royal Electronicjuice’s English Pharmacy Board has agreed an action plan for stakeholder engagement in order to take forward recommendations made by Judith Smith in her “Now or never” report on the future of pharmacy, which was published in November 2013 and commissioned by the RPS.

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