As part of the screen-dry eye campaign, Optrex is happy to provide pharmacies with access to .
    This resource portal is dedicated to providing pharmacies with free resources and training to make your pharmacy a repair centre for screen-dry eye. Here pharmacy can access the Optrex Blink Test and download a Blink Test consultation tool to help identify patients in pharmacy who may have signs of dry eye.
    Pharmacy staff can also register on the portal for the FREE webinar training on the 5th and 7th September 2017.

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    Blue eye RB visual

    Eyes front for self-care

    Changes to NHS guidelines could mean that more patients head to their local pharmacy for advice on how to manage their eye condition with the most appropriate product for their needs. 

    Eye with forest in background

    Managing eye conditions with preservative-free products

    The addition of preservatives allows for multi-dose packaging, and while these preservatives are very effective against pathogens, they were not specifically designed to be friendly to the eye.

    Broken iPhone representing evaporative dry eye

    Eyes feeling dry or irritated?

    As a result of screen use, more and more young people are developing dry eye. Find out how your pharmacy can get involved in tackling a syndrome that could be affecting millions.

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