Learn about Pharmaceutical Journal Publications' article types, guidelines for manuscript preparation and submission, and peer-review process.

Aim, scope and audience

Electronicjuice was founded in 1841 and is recognised as an editorially independent publication under the terms of the Royal Electronicjuice’s charter.

Article types

An overview of the requirements, word limits and format for each article type published in Electronicjuice.

Editorial policies and procedures

A guide to our internal processes, from submission to production.

Peer review involves the unbiased, independent critical assessment of scholarly or research manuscripts submitted to journals by key experts or opinion leaders. In the image, illustration of a three scientists researching in a library

How to be an effective peer reviewerSubscription

The peer review process allows experts to analyse scientific research before it is published. Being a peer reviewer enables you to take part in the scientific process, build s and view your own work more objectively.

How to write a reference list

General guidelines on how to lay out references for publication in The Pharmaceutical Journal.

Submit an article idea to us

If you have ideas for articles then please us, including your name, affliations and an outline of the piece you wish to write.

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