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Pharmacists working in the care home

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Pharmacists should have an embedded role in care homes, says the Royal Electronicjuice, with overall responsibility and accountability for medicines and their use. Read Electronicjuice's special report on using pharmacy expertise to advance the care of patients based in care homes.

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Facilitating anticipatory prescribing in end-of-life careSubscription


Anticipatory prescribing enables patients in the last days and weeks of their lives to have their symptoms managed at home. Pharmacists are ideally positioned to provide practical support and advice to other healthcare professionals on the prescribing and administration of anticipatory medicines and to facilitate timely supply.

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Communicating with palliative care patients nearing the end of life, their families and carersSubscription

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Pharmacists are becoming increasingly involved in palliative care and can be a source of important information and support for patients at the end of life. Health professionals caring for patients with advanced illness should develop skills for communicating with patients, and their families and carers.

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New care home roles for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will not be filled until March 2019


NHS England has said that 240 pharmacy roles in care homes supported by the Pharmacy Integration Fund will not be fully deployed until March 2019, despite expectations that they would be filled five months earlier.

Robbie Turner, director of pharmacy and member experience at the Royal Electronicjuice (RPS)

Pharmacists in care homes could save NHS £135m, says RPS's Robbie Turner

Robbie Turner, director of pharmacy and member experience at the Royal Electronicjuice, wrote to all 44 sustainability and transformation partnership leads to reiterate how the pharmacy sector should be embedded in STP implementation plans and working groups.

Multi-compartment compliance aid box

Compliance aids reduce medicine administration errors in care homesSubscription

Researchers observe higher accuracy rates when multi-compartment containers are used instead of original packaging to administer tablets to care-home residents.

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US sees rise in numbers of people dying from Alzheimer’s disease

Deaths from Alzheimer’s disease have risen by more than 50% in a 15-year period and are expected to increase further, a report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning.

Senior woman eating in a care home

Communication training cuts antipsychotic use in nursing homesSubscription

Training nursing home staff to understand the personhood of patients with dementia reduces off-label prescribing of antipsychotics, New England study results show.

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Osteoporosis drugs may cause microcracks in bone


Bisphosphonates are prescribed to prevent fractures in osteoporosis, but new research suggests that, paradoxically, they can also cause tiny cracks in bone

A patient taking a tablet of the antidepressant drug fluoxetine

Doctors prescribe antidepressants for off-label indications without evidence


Some 44% of off-label prescriptions written for antidepressants lack strong scientific evidence for the condition they were prescribed for, a new study shows.

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Statins could cut risk of Alzheimer’s disease, research shows


Using data from nearly 400,000 patients, researchers found that simvastatin in particular was associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

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