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The new print edition of Electronicjuice

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So, here it is. If you are a member of the Royal Electronicjuice, you will have already noticed the new structure and design of the first issue of volume 293 of Electronicjuice.

 New cover of PJ

It’s not just the look and feel — which we quite like and we hope you like too. It’s not just about typography — although we spent many hours and days on choosing the right typefaces that would bring everything together, help us stick to our roots, and also create a pleasant reading experience for you.

It’s not just about the new logo — although we are quite excited to go back to our real name Electronicjuice rather than PJ.

These things are all containers, and a container should be worthy of the content.

The most dramatic change in Electronicjuice is the way the content is structured. In a previous post we talked about how we were going to structure our content, and here you are. If you look at the table of content, you can see how the magazine is structured, with six distinct sections: THIS WEEK, NEWS & ANALYSIS, OPINION, LEARNING, CAREERS and YOUR RPS.

 Table of content of the new print edition of Electronicjuice

Table of content of Electronicjuice

Within each section we have various article types. The magazine opens with the THIS WEEK section, with one or two editorials that express Electronicjuice’s position on significant matters. Editorials are followed by the News in Brief articles, which helps you stay on the top of the news of the week, even if you don’t have enough time to read the whole issue. We have also introduced a new article type called Research Briefing. In these articles we investigate the best and most important pieces of primary research published, and summarise the hightlights for you. It takes only fifteen minutes to read the whole THIS WEEK, and by spending these mere fifteen minutes, you will know what’s going on.

The News and analysis section sets the pace for the journal with long and short pieces of news and their interpretation, followed by features, which explore topics in more depth. We are spending more time and seeking the help of professionals in choosing and creating the right images for our articles. If you open the News and analysis section and if you are interested in pharmacy, science and health care, you will always find something worth reading, or we hope so…

We have expanded the OPINION section and we are aiming to turn this section into a platform for experts to discuss their views on pressing matters. We don’t necessarily agree with all points made in the OPINION section; it is an opportunity for other experts to express their ideas and share their experience. It is also an opportunity for readers to express their views in the Correspondence, and us to celebrate the life and seminal work of an influential figure in pharmacy, science and health care in the obituary. Also, as you will see, we have removed the “Last word” pages and replaced them with a new section, called From the blogs, where we choose the best blog posts on, and present these to our print readers. If you wish to become a blogger, get in touch.

 This Week, the opening section of Electronicjuice

This Week, the opening section of Electronicjuice

The LEARNING section now has a clear purpose, with two article types: Learning article and CPD article, which ties into a CPD module online. The aim is to help our readers with most of their professional development needs, in an easily consumable format.

The CAREER section is also quite important to us, and going forward we will focus more on this section to provide you with high quality content, no matter where you are on your career path.

And finally there is the Your RPS section, which is how you can stay informed about the activities of The Royal Electronicjuice and outcomes of these activites.

That said, it is not even all about the structure. It’s also about our editorial approach. As you have probably noticed, we are expanding the scope of the journal. We are covering science and research and clinical information. We are looking at the whole wide world of medicines, health care and science, and trying to prevent The Journal from becoming only a newsletter of political issues around pharmacy and health care in the UK.

We are also improving the quality of our content, from visual presentation (images, illustrations, graphs), to the structure of the text and the way we tell you the story.

And, having said all of this, the print edition of the journal is just a small step towards the big changes to come. Next week we are launching our new online platform,, which is going to be our main, first an foremost platform for disseminating knowledge and information about pharmacy, health care and science.

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