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Duncan Craig

Duncan Craig: 'I'm concerned students' scientific acumen is completely ignored'Subscription


The chair of the Pharmacy Schools Council on five-year MPharm degrees, apprenticeships and the impact of Brexit on research.

Catriona Matheson

Catriona Matheson: 'I support decriminalisation of illegal drugs for personal use'

Having spent her entire career researching pharmacy services for drug users, Catriona Matheson is well placed as head of Scotland’s Drug Deaths Taskforce. Here, she explains what the group will do to tackle rising drug deaths in Scotland.

Keith Ridge, chief pharmaceutical officer for England, is gearing up for being in the driving seat at one of the most crucial times for pharmacy

Keith Ridge: 'This is the most fantastic time for pharmacy ever'Subscription


England’s chief pharmaceutical officer speaks about being in the driving seat during one of the most crucial times for pharmacy.

Poker chips

We're grateful for the clarity, but the new pharmacy contract fails to fix our broken marketSubscription


The new community pharmacy contractual framework offers pharmacists some hope of a future, but the flawed Category M reimbursement system — which sees only wholesalers cashing in the chips — still needs to go.

shopping cart with delivery to destination in the dark

The big debate: is online dispensing a threat?Subscription

The inevitable Amazonification of community pharmacy offers community pharmacy businesses an opportunity to grow, but do online pharmacies put patients’ health and the sector’s very existence at risk? Two pharmacy experts weigh in.

Stephen Watkins

Stephen Watkins: 'What we're doing is about transformation of pharmacy'Subscription


Despite the recent announcement that it plans to close 200 stores, Stephen Watkins, director of pharmacy items at Boots, promises that its ongoing digital transformation will be a game changer for the entire industry.

outline of a man behind blood pressure measuring device

Pharmacists must identify and treat the missing millions with hypertensionSubscription


Research shows that pharmacists can successfully support the 8 million people in England thought to have undiagnosed and untreated hypertension. But they cannot do it without a change in the community pharmacy contract.

Malcolm Harrison, chief executive of the Company Chemists’ Association

Malcolm Harrison: 'Expect considerable pressure from staff shortages in the next 18 months'Subscription


Malcolm Harrison, lobbyist for the UK’s largest pharmacy chains, talks apprenticeships, branch closures and the digital challenge for pharmacy.

Road extension concept

Should the pharmacy degree be five years long?Subscription

The General Pharmaceutical Council has proposed radical changes to pharmacy education, but not everyone agrees that it has found the best way forward. Berwyn Owen and Nigel Ratcliffe give arguments for and against.

Roger Knaggs

Roger Knaggs: 'We need to find a balance between appropriate use and minimising harm'Subscription


Government adviser and specialist pharmacist Roger Knaggs speaks about reducing opioid dependency, non-drug alternatives for chronic pain and why we need to be cautious about medical cannabis.

vaping b/w split image

Should pharmacy sell e-cigarettes and encourage people to vape?Subscription


A smoking cessation expert and a pharmacist share their views on whether pharmacies should stock and recommend e-cigarettes to people who want to kick their tobacco habit.

image of Sir Kevin Barron 19

Sir Kevin Barron: 'Just churning prescriptions over as a means of income is a great loss'


Having spent 35 years as a Labour Party MP for Rother Valley, Sir Kevin Barron has long experience of how the country is run. Here, he voices his concerns about the way the government is approaching Brexit, medicines shortages and the role of community pharmacy in today’s NHS.

Ade Williams

Pharmacy leaders must train and support teams to meet the needs of patients with joint pain


Community pharmacy has both a professional responsibility and commercial interest in ensuring pharmacy teams receive the necessary training and possess the appropriate knowledge to deliver the best person-centred care.

Pharmacist holding back cannabis prescription and giving out other prescription instead

Why patients are still being denied legalised medical cannabisSubscription


Hospital trust bureaucracy and doctors’ ignorance are to blame for the lack of prescriptions for medical cannabis being issued on the NHS, despite its reclassification for medical use in November 2018.

image of Kenny Black

Kenny Black: 'We want a smaller, easier-to-manage business'Subscription


As Rowlands Pharmacy puts 70 pharmacies up for sale, its managing director Kenny Black speaks about how the business will change and the threats from online pharmacies and Brexit.

Photo of Nigel Clarke

Nigel Clarke: 'Pharmacy isn’t just handing over a bag of medicine'Subscription


The chair of the General Pharmaceutical Council’s plans to revamp pharmacy training, the regulation of online pharmacy and data which show white pharmacists are less likely to be struck off the register.

Medicines safety

We can do more to improve medicines safety for patients in the NHSSubscription


How pharmacists are at the forefront of a national scheme to make the NHS the safest health service in the world for medicines.

Ash Soni, president of the Royal Electronicjuice

Challenging the acute pain status quo


Changes at NHS England mean that now is the time for pharmacists and their teams to reassess how they support patients with acute pain, says Ash Soni, president of the Royal Electronicjuice.

Collaborative working

We must work together to help pharmacy thrive in 2019Subscription


Securing a good deal in 2019 will require a collective and clear-headed vision of where community pharmacy is going.

Rheumatologist Philip Conaghan

Community pharmacy teams can provide greater support to patients presenting with joint pain, regardless of diagnosis


Rheumatologist Philip Conaghan urges pharmacists to take on a greater front line role when managing patients who present with joint pain.

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Brendan Jiang

Brendon Jiang: 'I want to influence change in pharmacy'

Portfolio pharmacist Brendon Jiang speaks of his ambitions for the sector as a new member of the English Pharmacy Board.

Former chair of the RPS English Pharmacy Board and newly elected president Sandra Gidley

Sandra Gidley: 'It’s not appropriate for the RPS to take a stance on Brexit'

As former chair of the English Pharmacy Board, newly elected president Sandra Gidley says she is in a great place to engage with members and continue steering the Society’s work to raise pharmacy’s profile in the wider healthcare sector.

Ash Soni

Ash Soni: 'You get fed up with people throwing rocks at your head'


Ash Soni has announced his decision not to stand for re-election as president of the Royal Electronicjuice when his current term comes to an end on 18 July 2019.

Janine Barnes, a neurology specialist pharmacist for the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

Janine Barnes: 'Pharmacists don't need to be frightened of Parkinson's disease'

As a neurology specialist pharmacist, Royal Electronicjuice Fellow Janine Barnes has dedicated her working life to highlighting Parkinson’s disease and why pharmacists must be involved in its management.

Claire Anderson, professor of social pharmacy at the University of Nottingham

Claire Anderson: 'It's important that we help pharmacists navigate the new NHS'


Chair of the Royal Electronicjuice’s English Pharmacy Board, Claire Anderson, speaks about the problems facing pharmacy and what the board will do to overcome them.

Harvinder Sondh

Harvinder Sondh: 'You can’t beat going out and speaking to your customer'


Harvinder Sondh, director of innovation and enterprise at the Royal Electronicjuice, speaks about what his directorate offers members, both in the UK and overseas.

Jodie Williamson, professional development and engagement lead at the Royal Electronicjuice

How the RPS in Wales helped shape the vision for pharmacy's future

By Jodie Williamson

Announced at the Welsh Pharmacy Conference on 23 May 2019 and project managed by Royal Electronicjuice Wales, a new ten-year vision for pharmaceutical care in Wales plan sets out 14 principles aimed to transform the sector.

Ravi Sharma, RPS director for England

Ravi Sharma: 'We want to see the pharmacy profession flourish'


Ravi Sharma joined the Royal Electronicjuice in November 2018, taking over from Robbie Turner as director for England. Here, Sharma talks to Corrinne Burns about the ‘NHS Long Term Plan’ upcoming campaigns, and seeing pharmacists “get the recognition they deserve”.

Dipesh Raghwani bw copy

Dipesh Raghwani: 'We are proactive in support of LGBT patients'


Dipesh Raghwani is the managing director of SMS Pharmacy in Salford — the first pharmacy to be accredited by the LGBT Foundation’s Pride in Practice programme.

RPS election candidates

Elections 2019: What will you do to ensure the voice of members is represented on the board?

The candidates in the 2019 national pharmacy board elections explain how they would, if elected, represent members’ voices.

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