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  • Marking the first World Patient Safety DaySubscription

    16 SEP 2019

    Patient safety is a global challenge and, in May 2019, the 72nd World Health Assembly — through which World Health Organization (WHO) is governed by its member states — agreed that a World Patient Safety Day would be commemorated annually each year on 17 September, commencing in 2019.

  • Reviewing the safe and appropriate prescribing of antipsychotic depotsSubscription

    4 SEP 2019

    Antipsychotic medicine is prescribed to treat many mental health conditions, alleviate suffering and improve daily functioning[1].

  • The new NHS Patient Safety Strategy has a big hole in itSubscription

    16 AUG 2019

    In August 2018, I expressed my concern in Clinical Pharmacist that the NHS, described as ‘an organisation with a memory’, was losing its patient safety memory and not addressing many important risks effectively[1]. Other reports from the Care Quality Commission

  • Evaluating the first NHS-funded sore throat test and treat service in the UKSubscription

    14 AUG 2019

    In Wales, people with a sore throat may be offered advice and symptomatic treatment free of charge in community pharmacies through the common ailment service (CAS). However, antibiotics cannot be supplied and this can limit patients’ perceived value of the service. As a result, some patients continue to seek a GP appointment when they have a sore throat.

  • Low rates for locum pharmacists are unfairSubscription

    26 JUL 2019

    I happened to be in Barnet, North London, recently, and I popped into the local pharmacy for a couple things. To my delight, the locum pharmacist on duty there had been a student of mine a few years ago at the UCL School of Pharmacy.

  • Pharmacy's growing role in travel health vaccinationSubscription

    17 JUL 2019

    As newly appointed chair of the Pharmacy Professional Group of the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM), I represent more than 500 pharmacists who provide specialist travel health and travel medicine services globally. Also, as a member of the leadership council, I also represent the voice of pharmacy and am instrumental in the development of working with other professions. The position was established to characterise the role the pharmacist plays in travel medicine globally ...

  • Pharmacy Schools Council on the GPhC's conclusions to the pharmacy education consultationSubscription

    11 JUL 2019

    This letter is in response to the news story ‘GPhC set to confirm it will require universities to offer integrated pharmacy programmes’.

  • Taking an STP approach to improving the pharmacy workforceSubscription

    10 JUL 2019

    Developing a sustainable, high quality pharmacy workforce is essential to delivering services in a complex and evolving healthcare environment, particularly as more opportunities arise for pharmacists to take extended roles.

  • Creating a coaching culture to support staff wellbeing in an NHS trustSubscription

    26 JUN 2019

    More is being expected of trainee healthcare professionals; clinical educators must enable trainees to feel empowered and encourage them to seek their own solutions, as opposed to professionals telling them what they should do[1].

  • Specials system in English primary care no longer delivers best care or value for moneySubscription

    19 JUN 2019

    We are writing in response to the news story ‘Pharmacy negotiators say centralised system for specials procurement could “drive down quality”’ (Electronicjuice online, 15 May 2019).

  • Reducing the impact of asthma treatment on climate change Subscription

    12 JUN 2019

    In April 2019, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published a patient decision aid for inhaler choice in asthma treatment, including comparisons of the devices’ environmental impact as well as usual clinical considerations

  • Celebrating the class of 1979 Portsmouth pharmacy graduatesSubscription

    11 JUN 2019

    This year, 2019, marks 40 years since the 1976 intake at the University of Portsmouth School of Pharmacy finished their course and began their preregistration year. If anyone is free to meet up in Portsmouth on 13 July or 14 July 2019, please correspond with Martyn Hudson at [email protected] Martyn Hudson, member, Royal Electronicjuice

  • Antibiotic pollution and lack of regulation will have dire global consequencesSubscription

    10 JUN 2019

    Given the hot topic of antimicrobial resistance, one could only be shocked at reading New Scientist’s article ‘How antibiotic resistance is driven by pharmaceutical pollution’ (22 May 2019), which details the prolific dumping of antibiotic ...

  • Concern over new flushing guidance for small volume intravenous infusionsSubscription

    30 MAY 2019

    In November 2018, I raised concerns about incomplete and underdosed intravenous (IV) infusions in Clinical Pharmacist[1]. On this occasion, I am writing to raise concern over the National Infusion and Vascular Access Society’s (NIVAS’s) new ...

  • Pharmacy staff should be aware of drug misusers' methods of extracting opioids from OTC products

    28 MAY 2019

    Misuse of codeine can cause serious harm. There are restrictions around use of the medicine, but people still find ways to misuse ...

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