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Bacterial resistance

We must follow these five rules to avert an antimicrobial resistance crisisSubscription

6 NOV 2019By ,

Simply reducing the use of antibiotics, while discovering new ones, is not enough to keep resistance at bay — healthcare professionals need to understand bacteria’s evolutionary biology if they are to subvert it.

IV at home

Why the newly licensed antibiotic cefepime should be introduced to UK formulariesSubscription

9 OCT 2019By , ,

Healthcare trusts should consider introducing the antibiotic cefepime to their outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy services to tackle infections that are becoming resistant to carbapenem antibiotics.

Paper plane direction concept

At last, a new treatment option for diabetes-related chronic kidney diseaseSubscription

20 SEP 2019By

Guideline-changing trial results released earlier in 2019 suggest that SGLT2 inhibitors could be a viable treatment solution for patients with diabetes and evidence of kidney damage.

DNA in pill

Pharmacists must embrace pharmacogenetic services before other professions beat them to it Subscription

14 AUG 2019By Dyfrig Hughes

Multidisciplinary genetic testing services will help patients receive more targeted medicines, and pharmacists are the obvious healthcare professional to lead them.

Pharmacist preventing pills spilling out of glass

Pharmacists must work with others to roll back polypharmacy cultureSubscription

9 JUL 2019By ,

The new English Desprescribing Network will bring together healthcare professionals and researchers to stamp out medicine-related harm.

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