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Paul Reading

Paul Reading is a consultant neurologist at The James Cook University Hospital, South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust.

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  • Selection of active treatments for sleep disorders mostly occurs in the absence of evidence-based protocols, with drug treatments recommended empirically. In the image, a man wears a CPAP mask to treat apnoea

    Sleep disorders: treatmentSubscription

    14 OCT 2015Comments (1)

    Selecting the most appropriate drug treatments for sleep disorders in the absence of trial data or evidence-based protocols.

  • The spectrum of sleep disorders includes normal variants and rare phenomena, such as insomnia, sleep-related breathing disorders and hyper somnolence. In the image, a patient is tested in a sleep research clinic

    Sleep disorders: diagnosisSubscription

    13 OCT 2015

    Diagnosing insomnia, sleep-related breathing disorders and central disorders of hypersomnolence.

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