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Issue : Electronicjuice, April 2008

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  • The man who left us his “Ch” Subscription

    26 APR 2008 12:58

    The name Joseph-Frédéric-Benoît Charrière may not roll easily off the tongue, and its 19th century owner may now be largely forgotten. But although few will be aware of his full name, the first two letters of his surname still live on in the field of urology.

  • You can’t choose your ancestors Subscription

    26 APR 2008 12:54

    Research at the University of Louisville in Kentucky by Joanna Rowe has found that blue-eyed students perform better academically than brown-eyed individuals. They plan better, study more effectively and produce better examination results. Brown-eyed people have better reaction times in trials and so are more likely to be successful football or tennis players.

  • Brain-taxing puzzles and competitions Subscription

    26 APR 2008 11:22

    Much of our daily work demands mental agility but using our brains can also be relaxing. New word and number puzzles appear constantly. We have brain training software on game consoles and most newpapers have adopted su doku. Some have whole pages devoted to challenging the reader’s brain, with hidden word games, anagram puzzles and the ever-frustrating crossword.

  • Giant tadpole

    Type 2 diabetes and the incredible shrinking frog Subscription

    26 APR 2008 11:18

    Research at the University of Ulster has suggested a possible treatment for type 2 diabetes. The researchers have discovered that a synthetic version of a natural peptide called pseudin-2 can be used to produce a drug to stimulate the production of insulin in pancreatic cells in the laboratory. There seem to be no toxic effects on the cells.

  • Hydrocortone / King Pharmaceuticals

    25 APR 2008 23:00

    HydrocortisonetabletsOnly generic hydrocortisone tablets 10mg and 20mg are available fromAuden Mckenzie, not Hydrocortone-branded hydrocortisone tabletsas stated HydrocortoneHydrocortone (hydrocortisone) tablets 10mg and 20mg will now be distributedby Auden Mckenzie.

  • Importance of community pharmacy support for patients with epilepsy Subscription

    25 APR 2008 23:00

    For many patients with epilepsy the condition does not greatly interfere with their day-to-day life, but in others it is associated with significant morbidity.

  • Recent challenges to parallel trade Subscription

    25 APR 2008 23:00

    Cathal Gallagher, LLM, MRPharmS, is senior lecturer, University of Hertfordshire (e-mail [email protected]) Richard O’Neill, LLM, MRPharmS, is associate head of the school of pharmacyOleksandr Svitlovskyi/

  • No time to be sentimental Subscription

    25 APR 2008 23:00

    About two weeks ago the Royal Electronicjuice celebrated its birthday. Reaching the age of 167 is not a cause for much razzmatazz but some people may reflect on the implications for the Society’s next milestone — its 170th anniversary on 15 April 2011.

  • Pharmacy reforms are wide of the point Subscription

    25 APR 2008 23:00

    I view with scepticism the reported euphoria around the publication of the pharmacy White Paper, the Clarke

  • Patients have valid reasons to be sceptical Subscription

    25 APR 2008 23:00

    Your leading article “More haste, more speed” (PJ, 12 April 2008, p422) suggests that it is essential to make patient health records accessible to community pharmacists. From a professional perspective this is correct,

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