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Issue : Electronicjuice, December 2005

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  • Will homoeopathy be proved or pass into history as "a brief hiccough"?

    24 DEC 2005 0:00

    Natalie Lane is production editor for journals with the Pharmaceutical Press, London

  • Take heart and hang in there! / Better communications strategy needed / Season's greetings! Subscription

    24 DEC 2005 0:00

    Take heart and hang in there! As 2005 draws to a close, there cannot be a pharmacist in Britain who has not been subject to some change in the past 12 months. Few people enjoy change but, once it has happened and if they gain benefits from the new ways of working, most people will admit that things have improved.

  • Instigation date should not be relevant Subscription

    24 DEC 2005 0:00

    I am writing to express my concerns regarding the access to funding for delivering the additional 50 medicines use reviews (MURs) for those pharmacists who have instigated the service before 1 January 2006. I accept that many pharmacists may not reach the 250 limit before April 2006, but the funding for the additional 50 MURs should be available

  • Inaccurate conclusions Subscription

    24 DEC 2005 0:00

    Further to your report, “COX-2 inhibitors do not offer GI benefit over other NSAIDs” (PJ, 10 December, p714), on the Hippisley-Cox paper published in the BMJ, I wish to express concerns that the conclusions drawn do not accurately reflect the data as presented, and repeating

  • Criminal convictions Subscription

    24 DEC 2005 0:00

    Next year pharmacists will be required to give information about any criminal conviction, details of which may be passed to the Statutory Committee, when they register or pay the annual retention fee.

  • Assumption was not unjustified Subscription

    24 DEC 2005 0:00

    In her recent letter (PJ, 17 December, p752), Alison Cooper rails against Irram Irshad’s suggestion — that GPs ignore the work done by pharmacists — with all the zeal to be hoped for in a recent convert. Dr Cooper asserts that the suggestion is a “complete assumption” on

  • Report difficulties to citizens advice bureaux Subscription

    24 DEC 2005 0:00

    Anyone who dispenses NHS prescriptions will be aware of the difficulties around charges: particularly, identifying those who should and should not pay. Citizens Advice, the national association of citizens advice bureaux, is becoming increasingly concerned about the number of clients faced with penalty charges, frequently, apparently, due to misunderstanding

  • Where is the Society's guidance? Subscription

    24 DEC 2005 0:00

    I am sure that the majority of pharmacists know that continuing professional development is mandatory. However, what we do not have is specific guidance. I now understand, through attendance at various meetings, that the Royal Electronicjuice expects us to have recorded 12 CPD episodes, of which nine should start at “reflection”. Is this correct

  • Lack of communication Subscription

    24 DEC 2005 0:00

    As community pharmacy development manager for a primary care trust I find it surprising that information relevant to the fitness to practise of pharmacists is not provided to PCTs by the Royal Electronicjuice as soon as it becomes evident.

  • Why it does children good to go to school on foot / These violent delights have violent ends / The remarkable phenomenon of symb Subscription

    24 DEC 2005 0:00

    Why it does children good to go to school on foot There has recently been a great deal of interest in the problems of

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