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Issue : Electronicjuice, July 2007

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  • Pharmacists: taking charge of minor ailments and unlocking prison health

    27 JUL 2007 23:00

    Rod Tucker, PhD, MRPharmS, is a pharmacist at HMP Hull e-mail: [email protected]

  • Can you take up the slack? / Funding for infection control pharmacists Subscription

    27 JUL 2007 23:00

    Can you take up the slack? Difficulties faced by patients wishing to see a GP — let alone “their” GP — when they want have been given widespread publicity this week. A survey of over two million patients in England suggests that, with the

  • Time is short Subscription

    27 JUL 2007 23:00

    May I enquire, through the courtesy of your columns, as to whether the Royal Electronicjuice has a death wish? You reported on the publication on the Society’s website of its early thinking on the regulation White Paper (PJ, 14 July, p55).

  • Confidence in results Subscription

    27 JUL 2007 23:00

    I was heartened to read the comment about our long service awards, but I was sorry to read Catherine MacKenzie’s comments about Agenda for Change within NHS Forth Valley (PJ, 7 July, p18).

  • Patches not the answer for codeine addiction Subscription

    27 JUL 2007 23:00

    I would like to respond to Bob Dunkley’s letter (PJ, 30 June, p774) about codeine addiction. Is he suggesting that we put patients addicted to codeine tablets of 8mg on to the lowest strength of buprenorphine patch that releases 5µg/h for seven days?

  • Think again! Subscription

    27 JUL 2007 23:00

    I was pleased to see the letter from Roger Pilsbury (PJ, 7 July, p20) in defence of the position of his company in the Pfizer “refusal to supply” argument and the other letters bemoaning Pfizer in the same issue. Pfizer’s subsequent silence is deafening.

  • Why no concession? Subscription

    27 JUL 2007 23:00

    A. Matalia makes a good point about our fees (PJ, 30 June, p774). Salary should make no difference

  • I do take an interest Subscription

    27 JUL 2007 23:00

    I am thankful that, as a non-practising pharmacist, I am not required to present any continuing professional development. I do, however, take an interest in the subject.

  • Nothing like a good night's sleep / Such stuff as dreams are made on / Dementia and taking to the road Subscription

    27 JUL 2007 23:00

    Nothing like a good night’s sleep An interesting sidelight upon the vexed question of the value of a child’s afternoon nap is cast in a commentary in the 30 June issue of New

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