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Sarah Pillai

Lead clinician at Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

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  • Question from practice: Contraception for overweight womenSubscription

    PJ, February 2013

    A. The progestogen-only pill has been used as a contraceptive for many years. These pills are ideal for those who have contraindications to oestrogen, such as risk factors for clotting disorders, and who like the convenience of taking pills. There are few contraindications; the only absolute contr

  • Question from practice: Herpes: when is it safe to have sex?Subscription

    PJ, August 2012

    A. Genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus, which can either be type I (commonly associated with cold sores) or type II (known as the genital strain). In the UK currently, genital lesions are equally likely to be caused by either type. It appears that many infections are subclinical when the virus is first acquired and approximately 80 per cent of seropositive people are unaware that they have the infection. Initial infection may be either primary (ie, in

  • Questions from practice: postponing menstruationSubscription

    PJ, September 2010

    Question: I’m getting married tomorrow and going on honeymoon to Barbados for two weeks. I can’t believe that, with all the preparations and everything, I totally forgot that I’m due to have my period. Is there any way I can stop it? A friend told me she remembers getting som

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